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Is there a fence law in Arkansas 2022?

Updated: Feb 4

YES! and as a matter of fact there are 3 current and active fence laws that could apply to you if you are a homeowner in the state of Arkansas.

If you were wondering how close to property line you could build your fence and ended up building it on the wrong place or perhaps you believe your neighbor built his fence over your property, then here are the Three steps you need to follow and that have to take place to get this issue resolved.

Is there an unwanted fence sitting on your property?

Arkansas fence law # 1 deals directly with this particular issue and was created to resolve dispute related to Boundry Fences. STEP #1 would be to speak up and the proper way of doing this is by denouncing your neighbor. In 2022, the legal way of doing this is by notifying the Justice of the Peace.

STEP #2 that will take place: The legislative body of the Justice of the Peace will assign a total of three neutral and unbiased homeowners living around the area to observe, inspect and document the fence in order for them to to come up with a written letter describing their findings. And finally, STEP # 3, involves the three homeowners mentioned above who will join the case by testifying at the court regarding the matter.

Contact justice of peace about fence over neighbor land by visiting them in person, calling them or contacting them via email. Once you click the green link, go to the bottom of the page for their contact info.

In particular for those who live in the city of Bellavista, you can learn more about the particular laws and requirements at their fencing reference guide

For everybody else, living in other parts of Arkansas, you can learn more about fencing reference laws here

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